6 Signs Your Ex-Boyfriend Misses You

6 Signs Your Ex-Boyfriend Misses You

a couple laughing and kissingWhen we split up with someone, we can sometimes miss them far more than we thought we would.

When this is the case, it would also be nice to think that our ex misses us too.

However, when we feel this way, we can sometimes start to question whether we made the right decision and if we want to get back together with them.

So if you’re feeling like you really need to know if your ex misses you too, then here are some signals to clear out the confusion. Here’s what you need to look out for to know whether you ex-boyfriend misses you or not.

How To Tell If Your Ex Boyfriend Misses You

A Big Dilemma In His Dating Life

If your ex still misses you, he might avoid dating anyone immediately after the breakup for a while. Of course, for those who actually date someone, it might be a secret relationship.

He might ask his friends to keep quiet about the new person because they don’t want you to hear the news.

If he’s doing all this, then he very well may be missing you more than he would like to admit.

Many people visit a speed dating venue in the early stages of separation in order to get some kind of closure. This is because speed dating is one of the fastest ways to meet someone local to you.

While it can help to start dating soon after you have separated, it is wise to just keep things on a friends only basis while you go through the grieving process. That being said, getting out there with a friend to try speed dating can really help to lift your spirits and give you the momentum to move on.

His Social Media Posts

Social media is a great way to find out how someone is doing or to get an idea if someone may still have a crush on you. Take a peek at his social media profiles to get an idea of how he may be feeling.

Are his posts more gloomy than normal? Is he linking and sharing sad love songs soon after your break up? If so, then he is sure to be missing you.

As revealing as this can be, try not to read into these signs too much as your mind can really start to get carried away with you and lead you to jump to conclusions, which could be embarrassing later.

The Awkward Calls And Texts

If you broke up and chose to remain friends with your ex, he might start calling you more regularly if he’s missing you.

Sometimes, he might bring up fake stories just to hear your voice and listen to you breathing over the phone. Yes, he might drag the conversation endlessly just to keep you on the line.

If he is doing this, then he has more than likely been pining for you in your absence.

On the other hand, he might send texts regularly, whether he’s saying something important or not.

He might even want to check on you, your job, your family, pet or anything else just to see how you’re doing.

If you’re getting those random texts and calls, there is a very big chance that your ex is missing you and wants you back.

He’s Becoming Very Touchy Feely

a couple embracingIf you have been spending some time with your ex boyfriend, you might notice his hands lingering on your body after a hug or when you’re sitting close to each other.

You might also notice some soft grazes here and there.

If your ex didn’t have feelings for you, he wouldn’t bother to touch you or be in the same room as you.

Of course, there is the slight chance that he misses only the sex. Therefore, watch him carefully to know what exactly he wants before getting back together with him.

On the other hand, he could also be talking about his feelings frequently. Exes who are still hung up on their former partners are constantly talking about them, whether to other people or to the partners themselves.

If he’s calling you frequently to talk about where the relationship went wrong and how to make things right, he’s probably missing you and wants to make things work again.

If you want to get him back then these moments of touch will be a great time to show him that he still has a chance.

Is He Following Up Closely On Your Life?

If your ex boyfriend is missing you, he might be following up closely on your life without you knowing about it. Of course, that happens regardless of whether you have said anything to them or revealed anything about yourself online.

Basically, he’s checking to see whether you have moved on or if he still has a chance with you. Don’t worry, if he bumps into you in the local coffee shop, it’s more than likely that he knows your regular coffee place and just wanted to see you face to face.

The Big Actions

Finally, if your ex is missing you and actually knows you haven’t moved on, he may want to do something about it. For instance, he might send flowers to your work, invite you out for a romantic dinner or just make a huge effort to try and win you back.

Of course, if any of these things happen, you should think about it carefully before considering anything. That way, you can make sure that he actually wants you in his life a second time and he’s going to make things much better the next time around.

It’s better if you sit down and have a real talk before deciding anything to understand his real intentions.

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