How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend To Want You Back

How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend To Want You Back

a couple kissing and getting back togetherHave you ever broken up with your boyfriend only to feel bad about it and regret your decision almost immediately? Has your boyfriend ever put a halt to your relationship, leaving you miserable? Do you want to get your ex-boyfriend back? Do you need him to want you back?

If you have answered, ‘Yes’ to any of these questions then take comfort in knowing that all hope is not necessarily lost. Here are some useful steps that have been used by many women to reignite the flames of passion in their ex-boyfriends.

How To Get Him Back After You’ve Broken Up

You need to know that this isn’t an easy fete in most cases. That’s why you need to make a good plan and follow it carefully. If you have been constantly thinking about your ex-boyfriend then you may be feeling like it’s time to do something about it. Implement this step by step guide and get him to think about the possibility of getting back together with you.

Have Some Distance

If you broke up recently, you need to put some distance between the two of you. Yes, it sounds the opposite of what you should actually be doing to get him back. However, if the breakup is still fresh, you need some space to cool down.

If there were some heated arguments, you need him to breathe and cool down, and that’s why the distance is important.

During the period where there is no contact, your ex will start missing you and thinking about you. He will start wondering what you’re doing. Eventually, he will start wondering if you’re doing okay without him.

Finally, he will start doubting whether breaking up was the right choice. Don’t appear desperate or needy during this time. That’s a huge turn-off to anyone.

You need to spend the time thinking about what went wrong in the relationship. Draw lessons from the relationship and the mistakes accompanying it and learn what to avoid the next time around.

Make a list of all the reasons why you broke up. For instance, you could have been too jealous or controlling. Maybe, you didn’t’ show enough affection. It could be because you were constantly fighting over small issues such as vacuuming the floors or doing the dishes.

Well, you should know that both parties in a relationship are to blame. Therefore, you need to understand your part in the breakup and avoid the same mistakes in a future relationship or if you get back together.

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Work On Yourself

Next, you need to work on yourself. Find ways to gain more confidence and become happier. If possible, you can always hire a life coach who can assess your life as is and find the areas where you need guidance and help. It’s the best way to take a step back and reassess your relationships and entire life. During this step, you should be able to find a renewed sense of self-confidence.

You will also discover other aspects of your life that will help you grow. Additionally, you will find that these realizations bring about a better understanding of your past relationship. For instance, your ex might not have been the best person for you.

Also, he could have been ‘the one’, and you made a huge mistake with the breakup. Whatever the case, you will know more about yourself in preparation for the next phase of your life.

Show Him The New You

If you’re still friends on social media, there is a chance that your ex might have glanced over on your profile a few times. He’s checking what you’re doing or who you’re hanging out with. Well, you can use this to your advantage. Of course, you shouldn’t try to make him jealous by posting pictures of yourself with lots of guys.

That makes you look needy and desperate. Rather, you should post pictures of yourself going out or having fun with your friends. Take pictures of yourself doing something adventurous and post it.

For instance, if he thought you would never go skydiving or bungee jumping, do it and post lots of pictures. It’s a way to show your ex that you’re shedding your old shell and doing something new. It’s a way of showing him that you’re doing okay after leaving him and your life isn’t a mess.

Here are some great pointers on reinventing yourself after a breakup

Chance Encounters

a couple kissing behind the treesIf you know the places he often frequents, you need to show up a few times but don’t make it too obvious you’re there because of him. Indeed, you don’t want him to think you’re a stalker.

If you do your research well, you can always meet each other accidentally in a coffee shop, restaurant or theatre. Of course, there are a few things that will determine what you’re going to do next.

For instance, is he with other people? Are you with another person when you meet with your ex? Have you run into each other while doing shopping? These chance encounters are perfect for determining his reaction to seeing you after the breakup.

Basically, you will get an idea of how receptive he might be while talking to you. If it’s too hard, you can always avoid the encounter altogether but make sure he hasn’t seen you.

Sometimes guys are not sure what to do or how to react when their ex shows up. He may be totally cool with you and want to chat. In some cases, he may try to blow you off, but this could be for any number of reasons. Here’s what to do if your ex-boyfriend is ignoring you.

The First Conversation With Him

Of course, if everything seems ok, you can always have the first conversation to feel him out. If it appears like he would be open to having a proper conversation with you, then you can always suggest meeting up for coffee or dinner. Here, you can assess how both of you are getting along after the breakup.

Make sure the meeting is platonic and friendly since you need to find out how he’s doing and actually take an interest in his life without you.

If you feel like you still want him back at this point and it seems there might be a chance for both of you, then take the plunge. You need to inform him that you’re ready to rebuild your connection and correct the mistakes of your previous relationship. However, if he appears a little bit jaded and unprepared, stay back and let him recover from the old relationship.

If, however, you are both already still in contact with each other then this is a good sign that he may still be interested in you. This, alone is not enough to say that he definitely wants you back though. Here are some signs you can get him back by how he is staying in contact with you.

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