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Tips For Getting Back Into Dating as a Senior

Tips For Getting Back Into Dating as a Senior

an older couple dancing on a dateSenior dating may seem like the hardest thing to do. What’s more, dating for seniors can also seem intimidating, particularly if it has been a while since you engaged in a romantic relationship.

The thought of dating again can make you feel confused and concerned about what your friends and relatives will think about you. It is also normal to wonder if the dating scene has changed. Fear about not finding love after 50 is also common among single seniors.

However, it is never too late to seek love and companionship. So, if you are bouncing back after many years of been out of the dating scene, it is possible to date again after 40 or find love after 50.

Having said that, this article will give you insights on how to start dating again as a senior citizen. Please keep reading.

Returning to the Dating Scene After 50

Know why you want to date again

Before getting back into dating, it is important to ensure that you are dating for the right reasons. It could be that you feel lonely, want to get rid of pain, fills a void, or you’re just looking for company.

Depending on your reason, it is important that you give yourself time to deal with major personal issues. This helps to ensure that you resolve trust issues, for instance, which are likely to interfere with your relationships.

Taking your time helps to ensure that you relax and enjoy the dating experience.

Know what you are looking for

Making a list of the things you want in your perfect match is critical. Being clear on what you want helps to ensure that you find the right person. However, do not dwell too much on the list because it can prevent you from enjoying the dating process.

If you realize that you can’t find a perfect partner based on your list, exercising flexibility is critical. Flexibility helps to ensure that you focus more on your feelings and less on things like appearance, financial stability, height, etcetera.

In other words, compromising in your search for a partner helps to ensure that you do not miss out on good men or women.

Consider online dating

a woman trying online dating on her laptopIf you are tech savvy, you can consider joining a dating site for over 40s or over 50s. online dating for seniors is an effective way of not only meeting like-minded seniors but also of finding your perfect match.

With that said, there are many dating sites for seniors that you can explore. If you’re not certain about the senior dating sites to join, there is plenty of information on dating sites reviews that you can check out.

Joining senior dating sites is easy. You just need to create a profile and search for your ideal match based on your preferences. The best online dating sites are the ones you pay a joining fee because you are likely to meet more members that are serious.

Try speed dating

Speed dating for older adults brings together like-minded individuals in once space, particularly those who are looking for companionship, romance, love or friendship.

It is the best way of meeting your perfect match, particularly if you dislike the bar scene or blind dates. There are many speed dating events that take place in various cities, and you will certainly be able to find a speed dating event near you.

By registering for speed dating events for seniors, you will have an out of the box opportunity to mingle and interact with different senior singles for a duration of 10 to 15 minutes each. Your knowledge about how speed dating works will certainly increase your chances of success.

a group of older people speed dating

Have some fun

It is normal to feel fearful when you have not dated for some time. However, dating is supposed to be enjoyable and stress-free. Therefore, it is important that you learn to have fun and purpose to make the best of your dating experiences.

There are many age-appropriate, fun and interesting activities, which can enhance your relationships. Such activities include dancing, or outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming, golf or tennis.

Other interesting activities include wine tasting, picnics, as well as visiting galleries and museums.

It is important that you keep trying new things with your prospective matches.

Have a great sense of humour

Humour is one of the most important character traits that singles look for in a mate. With that said, your sense of humour is critical to your dating success. Humour is a great way of cultivating a positive mood for both of you.

A good sense of humour can mean either being humorous or being receptive to your partner’s humour. A man is likely to gravitate towards a woman who laughs at his jokes, while women prefer men who can make them laugh.

Therefore, in online dating, for instance, men who create humorous profiles and engage in witty messaging are likely to attract more women. On the other hand, a woman who is receptive to humorous messages or humorous profile descriptions is likely to attract men more easily.
However, it is important to maintain boundaries in as far as jokes are concerned.

Join clubs

Another way of meeting like-minded singles is to meet people at special events or clubs. For instance, you can join an outdoor sporting club, sailing club, or any other club that captures your interest.

Clubs for singles tend to have various outings, which include

mountaineering, skiing, golf, sports competitions, opera nights, just to mention, but a few. Such opportunities enable you to enjoy food, drinks, as well as good music with prospective matches.

Be optimistic

Optimism or confidence can increase your chances of finding love. What’s more, no one wants to be associated with a partner who is pessimistic or passive.

Therefore, when you decide to keep your feet in the dating scene again, your attitude, mood and emotions will play a big role. Always remember to think positively about yourself.

Remember to focus on your strong points during your conversations with prospective matches.


It is normal to have the perception that there are no good men or good women. However, senior singles have plenty of great people to mingle with and date, but it is important that you know where to find such opportunities.

As mentioned above, you can meet interesting singles online, in speed dating events, community singles organization or local religious establishments, just to mention, but a few.

No matter where you meet your prospective match, it is critical to remain open, warm and flexible.